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Legal bases of the Btrading World Cup II contest

FIRST-. Organizing Company

BTRADING INVESTING TRUST SL, with registered office in Adeje (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), C. / El Tablero, 34, residential La Palmita, CP 38650, and with CIF number B-76801653 (hereinafter, interchangeably, “Btrading” or “ Organizer”).

The BTRADING WORLD CUP II promotional contest (hereinafter, the “Contest” or the “Promotion”) will be organized through the web:

SECOND-. Contest Period: start and end date.

The contest will have three phases of three months each. In the first, the period during which you can participate in the Contest will begin on Monday, September 2, 2019 at 00:01 hours and end on Friday, November 29 at 23:59 hours. In the second phase, the period during which you can participate in the Contest will begin on Monday, December 2, 2019 at 00:01 hours and will end on Friday, February 28, 2020 at 23:59 hours. In the third phase, the period during which you can participate in the Contest will begin on Monday, March 2, 2020 at 00:01 hours and end on Friday, May 29 at 23:59 hours. All this within the Spanish peninsular schedule.

THIRD-. Territorial scope of the Contest.

This Contest will be valid in all those countries in which the Brokers collaborating with the promotion provide services.
The finalists of each of the phases will participate in an event that will take place at the Btrading House (Tenerife).
The Grand Final will be held in New York without the possibility of online participation.
For the purposes of this Promotion, the Btrading House refers to the property located in the municipality of Adeje (Tenerife) destined by the Sponsor in order to hold an event in said property.

QUARTER-. Nature of the Contest

Participation in this Promotion is free and will be articulated under the mechanics of Participation Contest in which the data and statistics of the TRADERS will be valued. This Contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated in any way with Facebook, Twitter or Apple.

FIFTH-. Conditions of participation

All natural persons over 18 years of age, who act with a purpose outside their commercial, business, trade or profession, who meet all the participation requirements stipulated in these legal bases and especially with following requirements for each of the phases (individually considered):

  1. Make the registration for each of the phases of the Contest by completing all the fields requested on the website
  2. Create a new account in one of the collaborating Brokers through the links that appear on the registration page, complying with the requirements set forth in the first section of the Eighth stipulation.
  3. Send, at the time of registration in each of the phases, a link to a monitoring tool, in accordance with the specifications of the third section of the Eighth stipulation.

SIXTH-. Limitation of participation

Children under the participation in this Contest are excluded 18 years, who in no case have access to the services offered by the Brokers, as well as those who reside in countries where they are not present, or do not provide services, the Brokers collaborators of the CONTEST.

Nor can the labor personnel dependent on the organizing entity participate in the contest.

SEVENTH-. Awards

A total of three (3) prizes will be awarded for a total amount of FIFTEEN THOUSAND EUROS (€ 15,000.-), which will be distributed as follows (hereinafter, “Prize” or “Prizes”):

  • 1st Prize: TEN THOUSAND EUROS (€ 10,000.-)
  • 2nd Prize: THREE THOUSAND EUROS (€ 3,000.-)
  • 3rd Prize: TWO THOUSAND EUROS (2,000.- €)

Prizes will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Prizes may not be subject to change, alteration or compensation at the request of the winning participant.
  • The winning participants may renounce the Prizes obtained, but in no case will an alternative prize be offered, nor will said waiver entitle to any compensation or compensation.
  • The prizes will not consist in the delivery in metallic cash but in the deposit of the aforementioned amounts in an account of a broker designated by the organizer, whose ownership will be in the name of the winner of the same.

EIGHTH-. Contest Mechanics

To participate in the Contest and to qualify for any of the Prizes indicated in the Seventh stipulation, it will be necessary to register with a new account in each of the phases for each participant, in one of the collaborating Brokers, sending, in the registration in the website of the competition, a link to a tool for verifying the operations carried out, as follows:

  1. The account created for each phase in a collaborating Broker through the tracker of the registration page must meet the following requirements:
    • Be a new user account in the broker, if you already have an account in one of them you must select another and open a new one.
    • Make a minimum income of five hundred euros (€ 500), although some brokers may request a higher minimum income.
    • It will not be possible to recapitalize the account by increasing the funds during the competition, the capital with which the competition begins will be the final one for the calculation of the profitability, being able to be declassified the participants that recapitalize, or that have zero capital (0 ).
  2. Only TRADER statistics on operations carried out during the three calendar months in which each of the phases and that have been sent within the same calendar period, not in two months, shall be taken into account for the purposes of the quarterly classification or more different periods.
  3. The sending of the links or links, which refer to the monitoring tool that will be verified for the preparation of the Ranking Ranking, must be done as follows:
    • Participants will send the link when registering in the competition.
    • The monitoring tools must be open or “public” so that the organization can verify the participant’s operational data.
    • If necessary, the organization must provide an investor key to verify any participating account in order to contract the participation criteria.
  4. Minimum number of trades and Leverage stipulated: The minimum number of trades to enter the ranking, and, therefore, to qualify in each of the phases, will be 15 trades. As for the maximum established for trades, a single leverage of 1:30 is established for participation in the competition  to ensure all competitors have equal conditions. This is without prejudice to the limits that the collaborating Brokers may incorporate in terms of number, nature, or the magnitude of the trades allowed.

    Only those users who have closed all their positions before the end date of each of the phases and, therefore, the profitability  for the preparation of the ranking ranking Will be obtained from trades opened and closed within the same quarterly classification period.

    Those users who, for whatever reason, block their account in the Broker in which they have registered, or who, in said account, reach zero (0) will be disqualified.

  5. Classification system:With the data obtained through the links to the monitoring tool, sent by the participants, a quarterly Ranking Ranking will be prepared, which will be updated every week, and will be prepared based on the “Absolute Gain” or “Absolut Gain ”Obtained by the set of operations carried out by each of the participants within each of the phases.

    Three quarterly competitions will be established starting in September 2019 (09/01/19 – 11/30/19; 12/01/19 – 02/28/20; and 03/01/20 – 05/31/19), by which the five (5) first classified of each of the three quarterly phases will have the privilege of going to the BTrading House for a weekend. Those attending this event (15 in total), held in Adeje, Tenerife, will enjoy a weekend where they will carry out leisure and training activities, with the expenses paid. Additionally those participants of the competition who wish may attend the event held at the Btrading House, paying the costs and costs of transport and accommodation at their own expense.

    For the Grand Final five (5) finalists will be classified, which will be the three (3) participants that obtain the first position in each of the three phases of the contest (direct classification of the winner) and the two (2) that have obtained the greater profitability in any of the phases (among the other participants). These will be the qualifiers for the Grand Final, which will be held in New York City, where the final Winner of the COMPETITION will be decided.

    The same participant can only benefit from the trip reviewed to the BTrading House or the classification for the Grand Final on a single occasion, passing the rights derived from their position in the ranking to the next best classified of the same phase.

    Btrading House: The Btrading House event will be held at the Villa located in Board 34 of Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife between the 20th and 20th of June 2020.

    The Grand Final: They will be classified for the Grand Final to be held in New York, the three (3) winners of each phase, plus the two (2) that have obtained greater profitability in any of the three phases, computed individually , understanding that the results of the different phases cannot be accumulated, as long as all the finalists obtain the previous mandatory permits to be able to travel to that country as tourists. You can not participate online, being mandatory to be the winner of the competition face-to-face or physical assistance to the Grand Final.

    If any of those classified for the Grand Final does not obtain the mandatory permission to travel to the US, it will be replaced by the one that had obtained the following best result, taking into account the considerations of the previous paragraph, and can meet the mandatory legal requirements to be able to Travel to that country.

    IMPORTANT: After each of the phases, the accounts of the five classified must remain inactive until the end of the competition (before a possible participation in the final). To participate in the final, the five finalists will use the account with which they obtained the pass to the Final that must have been completely inactive between the classification and the final.

    The winner of the competition will be decided during the X and X days of June 2020, through the operations carried out on the days of the Grand Final, which will face all the classified participants of the different countries. From this final will come a single winner who will become the winner of the second edition of the “BTRADING WORLD CUP”.

    All classifications will be initially provisional, until the deadline for claims and subsequent resolutions has elapsed.

  6. In the unlikely event that there is a tie in some of the phases, the tiebreaker will be determined as established, as follows:
    • Only the tiebreaker will occur for each of the three (3) first places (first, second or third), successively.
    • “Grand Final”: The tie-breaker will proceed, among the participants that obtain the same profitability, attending to the one that has obtained in the whole of their operations (within the contest) a greater total benefit.

    Without prejudice to the provisions of this Stipulation, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel and suspend those results and / or participants who consider that they are performing an inappropriate or fraudulent activity in relation to participation in this Contest, as is indicates in the eleventh stipulation of the present bases.

NINTH-. Event at the Btrading House and Grand Final in New York

For those participants who finish a quarterly phase in the top 5, they will be notified telematically the possibility of attending the face-to-face events that will be held at the Btrading House, located in Adeje, Tenerife. This will facilitate transportation leaving from Madrid or Barcelona (or from other airports for a maximum amount of € 300.- per flight), as well as accommodation, meals and leisure activities during the celebration of these events. The ORGANIZER will not be responsible for the cost of transportation that the attendees must hire to reach the airport of departure (Madrid or Barcelona), this will be the responsibility of the participants in the competition.

If any of the classifieds could not move to the location indicated on the dates scheduled for the celebration of the event, they must communicate it as far in advance as possible, and in any case since they have knowledge of the prize or privilege.

All finalists will be notified telematically, the celebration of the Grand Final of the contest in New York, for which also, transportation from the main airports that fly to New York, accommodation and meals will be provided; being in this case mandatory to attend in person to win the contest.

In the event that one of the classifieds does not communicate that he cannot attend the events of the Btrading House or else, he communicated it outside the period of fifteen calendar days provided in this same clause, it will be considered that he renounces his position to All effects and your investments or your classification in the Contest will not be taken into account, from which you will be automatically discharged. However, the possibility of admitting the finalist in question will be subject to the discretionary assessment of the Organizer, if the latter alleges just cause and is considered convenient for the proper development of the Contest.

To attend, both the Btrading House and the Grand Final, the classified must have the necessary documentation, in order, to travel (by plane), to the locality where they will be held. In the case of the Grand Final in New York, they must process both the necessary Visa and any permit that may be mandatory, in order to make the trip.

In relation to the planned trips of the participants, the Organizer reserves the right to choose the place of departure, the chosen means of transport, the company or travel agency, as well as the itinerary that is most convenient for them, who must accept it or, failing that, assume a different one in your charge. In the same way it will happen with those who could miss a flight or some link in any of the planned means of transport. As for accommodation, participants agree to be located in those hotels managed by the Organization, maintaining normal behavior at all times. If the Organization receives a complaint from a hotel establishment for the inappropriate behavior of the invited participant, it may be excluded from the contest, without further processing. Likewise, if any participant does not obtain the mandatory permits required by the authorities of their country of origin or of the country of destination of celebration of any of the events, they will be excluded from the competition and will be obliged to reimburse any expenses that have occurred for the organizer.

TENTH-. Notification of Awards and requirements for delivery

At the end of each quarterly phase or the Final, the Organizer will verify the results and communicate to the winners of each quarterly phase the result in a maximum of 5 calendar days, the identity of the (5) participants awarded in each quarter, and in the same period after the conclusion and review of the final competition, to the final winner. Within the five (5) calendar days following the date of said announcement, the ORGANIZER will contact the Winners, as appropriate, through the email with which they are registered on the website, to communicate the result of the Contest and to verify previously that they meet the participation requirements established in these Legal Bases. Once the appropriate checks have been made, BTRADING will give you the necessary instructions for the acceptance of the Prize and its delivery. If contact with the user was not achieved after making three (3) communication attempts within three days (3), the latter would be disqualified, automatically losing the right to obtain the corresponding Prize, which will be awarded and passed to the Participant who has obtained the following best result in the Contest classification, and so on (the Substitutes).

Once the fulfillment of the requirements established in these Legal Bases has been verified, BTRADING will send to the winners a Document of Acceptance of the Prize that must be submitted within the following seven (7) calendar days by the way indicated to that end, with the requested data and documentation and duly signed, in proof of conformity with the acceptance of the Prize.

The effective delivery of the Prize will be carried out in accordance with the deadlines and form described in the Prize Acceptance Document, which is conditioned to the remission of said Document, as well as to the fulfillment of the conditions of these Legal Bases.

ELEVENTH -. Contest Fraud

In the event that the Organizer detects any anomaly or suspects that any participant is carrying out fraudulent acts that modify the normal development of the Contest (both actively and passively), or impeding its normal evolution and damaging its purposes , or carrying out any acts that threaten its development, the Organizer himself reserves the right to disqualify from the Contest the participant or participants involved, all without prejudice to any other legal measures that he deems appropriate to undertake.

In this regard, the Organizer has enabled the necessary technological support to detect any fraudulent, irregular or intentional actions that are intended to alter the normal operation of this Contest.

TWELFTH. – Post and comments

Comments made regarding a post on the Facebook wall, or any other platform or forum linked to the Organizer or through a tweet that cites the organizer whose content is deemed inappropriate, offensive, injurious or discriminatory or that could violate rights of rights are not allowed

third parties. The Organizer reserves the right to eliminate such publications and even disqualify participants that include such content or that could be an illegal or illegal action.

THIRTEENTH -. Disclaimer

In this Promotion, the Organizer and any other entity that is professionally linked to this Contest, as well as the social networks and channels through which it is communicated, are exempt from any liability that may arise from any circumstance attributable to the participants or third parties that could affect the development of the mechanics of the Contest and, especially, the delivery of the Prizes.

In the same way, the entities described will not be in any case responsible for any damages, of any nature, direct, indirect and / or circumstantial, whether immediate or deferred, that may appear on occasion or as a result of the enjoyment of the Prize.

The ORGANIZER is not responsible for the commissions that the Brokers collaborators may apply in the accounts of the participants of the promotion.


Any claims arising from this Contest must be submitted within one week, from the date of the conclusion of each of the different phases and must be addressed and submitted directly to the Organizer, through the following email address: that will resolve as soon as possible.

FIFTEEN -. Data Protection

Basic Information on Data Protection

  • Responsible: Btrading Investing Trust S.L.
  • Purpose: Participation in this Contest, certify the fulfillment of the participation requirements and, where appropriate, communication and management of the prize delivery.
  • Data: Name, surname, telephone number, email, application user
  • Legitimation: Consent of the interested party.
  • Recipients: The Organizer informs of the acceptance of these Bases implies the granting of their consent to communicate their data to BTRADING INVESTING TRUST, S.L. with CIF B-76801653 so that it can evaluate the results of the different stages of the Contest and verify the results.Likewise, your data may be transferred to the Notary depositary of the Bases in order to control the legality of the Contest and its development, to the Treasury in order to practice the corresponding withholding tax, as well as to Judges, Courts, consumer associations or any other third parties to whom the Organizer is obliged to communicate the information in case of challenge by the interested party or claim of any kind filed by the Organizer or by the interested party.
  • Provenance: The data is obtained from the interested party.
  • Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, which may be exercised through email:
  • More Information: You can consult the additional and detailed information on Data Protection at

SIXTEENTH -. Taxation

The celebration of this promotional act that is materialized in the celebration of this contest, as well as the awarding of the Prize are subject to current tax regulations.

According to Spanish legislation, the possible Winners of the Contest are informed that the Prize obtained has the consideration, for its purposes, of capital gain not derived from transmissions, being subject to direct taxation (IRPF), being the responsibility of each of them the fulfillment of their respective fiscal obligations.

SEVENTEENTH -. Authorization to use name and transfer of image rights

Each of the Winners, Classified or Alternate, authorizes the Organizer to reproduce and use their name, surname and image (in those cases in which the participation is online), in any advertising or promotional activity in any medium or medium of Communication (TV, Internet, Social Networks or others) related to this Contest, throughout the world and with a temporary duration of two (2) years from the date of completion of the Contest, as well as to specific and promotional reviews that may be carried out in the future, without conferring any right of remuneration or benefit, except for the Prize received.

The creations, whatever their modality, that the ORGANIZER can elaborate for the aforementioned purposes, will be owned by BTRADING and it will be understood that, by virtue of the acceptance of the Prize received, the winning participant grants exclusively all exploitation rights over the same, provided that this does not imply modification of the personal data of the winning participant.

Each of the Winners and Finalists authorizes the Organizer to reproduce, use and disseminate their image, name and surname, in any advertising and / or promotional activity that is related to this Promotion or with promotions of the same or similar content that may be object of celebration by the Organizer in the following years, all in any medium (including, but not limited to, exploitation through the Internet and Internet for mobile telephony and Social Networks) without these activities giving them the right to remuneration or any benefit except for the delivery of the Prize won in accordance with these Terms.

The assignment includes all the rights of reproduction, transformation, distribution and public communication of the recording or images captured, without limitation of time or territory.

EIGHTEENTH -. Acceptance of Legal Bases

Participation in the Contest implies the full acceptance of these Legal Bases, as well as the acceptance of the mechanics of the Contest, especially in relation to the selection of the Winners, the announcement and notification to them and the delivery of the Prizes that are made to the Winners.

NINETEENTH -. Controversies and Modifications

In the event of any discrepancy in the interpretation of these rules, controversy or claim that may arise during the contest, it will be resolved in a single and unappealable instance by the legal department of the organizing entity. All the participants in the contest accept, by their mere participation, the submission to the opinions issued by said department, which will act as arbitrator of the competition and interpreter of these rules.

In the case of force majeure beyond the control of the Organizer, he reserves the right to make any changes, suspend, shorten or extend this Contest, committing to give said modifications the same degree of publicity as these Legal Bases , by updating it on the website of the promotion ( and the website of the BTRADING platform (

TWENTY -. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

This Promotion will be governed by the common Spanish law in force.

For any dispute that may arise from the interpretation and application of these Legal Bases, both the ORGANIZER and the participants of this Contest, expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of A Coruña (Spain), without prejudice of the jurisdiction that by law could correspond to the consumer.

TWENTY-FIRST. Deposit of Legal Bases before a Notary

The present Legal Bases are deposited with the Notary of the Illustrious College of Notaries of Galicia Don Andrés Antonio Sexto Presas, with professional address at Avda. Ernesto Che Guevara, 13-15, 15172 Oleiros (A Coruña), and are available at the website of the promotion ( and on the BTRADING website and in the electronic notarial file of contest and raffle bases (ABACO), a copy of the aforementioned Bases has been sent to the Notarial Certification Agency (ANCERT). In the event that any stipulation of these Legal Bases is declared invalid or invalid, the remaining clauses not affected by it will remain in force.

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