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Here we show you some of the most frequent asked questions that can help you in your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I appear in the ranking?

To appear in the ranking, the following requirements must be met:

  • Web registration
  • Registration and deposit in the broker exclusively through the link on the page of the Btrading World Cup
  • Facilitate the url to your public etoro account

Once all the conditions are met the participant will enter the ranking, until it is not validated by the broker it will not appear.

When are the winners announced?

The winner of each phase will be announced 24 hours after the closing of each of the phases and at the end of the total competition, the 2 best participants (excluding the winners of each of the phases) will also be announced.

Can I trade in any market?

All markets offered by the broker in which the participant has registered are valid to operate.

Why does my profitability not correspond to the current one?

The ranking is updated weekly, open operations are not taken into account to calculate profitability. Another reason for variance in profitability may be the fact that during the process of reviewing and publishing the ranking tardes are closed, in that case it will be reflected in the next update.

I have not been able to register successfully

If you have already registered in the competition and have not managed to register in the broker please send an email with your data to: and we will provide you with a link for the registration in the broker.

How do I make the deposit?

Once the registration has been completed in the broker, the broker itself will enable different ways to make the payment.

How do I see my position en the ranking?

Entering the web and once logged in,look for the ranking area , here you will be able to see the best participants and your current position in the ranking.

Is there a registration limit?

People who wish to participate may register throughout the whole competition but their profitability will only be taken into account if they complete all 15 trades.

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